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Skyline Immigration Consultants is reliable Ireland Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa Consultants In Chandigarh, Besides offering assistance in filling the visa application forms and lodging file.


Ireland tourist visa Chandigarh, Authorized visa agents for Ireland in Chandigarh

Ireland Tourist Visa Expert in Chandigarh

Ireland Tourist Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

Ireland tourist visa in Chandigarh

Ireland tourist visa Chandigarh, Authorized visa agents for Ireland in Chandigarh

Ireland Tourist Visa Expert

Ireland tourist visa Chandigarh, Authorized visa agents for Ireland in Chandigarh

Singapore tourist visa Chandigarh, Authorised visa agents for Singapore in Chandigarh

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Ireland Tourist Visa

Skyline specializes in Tourist visa and packages for Ireland any destination in Ireland. Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St George’s Channel. Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth.

Ireland tourist Visa or Irish Visit/Holiday Visa is issued to those who want to go to ireland for the aim of tourism or pleasure journeys or to go to friends and relations residing in eire. it’s a brief keep visa that’s granted for the aim of temporary visits solely.


Ireland traveller Visas area unit granted for a most amount of ninety days (3 months) solely.


A traveler with a traveller visa is needed to go away eire on or before the date sealed on the passport by the Immigration officer in eire. Holders of traveller visa in eire cannot extend their keep on the far side the ninety days amount.

Eligibility Criteria for eire traveller Visa


For temporary immigration in eire through associate Irish traveller visa, you will be needed to fulfil the subsequent conditions:


  • You will ought to offer a current and valid passport with a minimum of six months of validity when the date you propose to go away eire.
  • You should substantiate the aim of your visit by either a letter of reference or documentary proof of a building booking that provides details of the dates once you will be in eire.
  • You will be needed to supply satisfactory proof that you simply will come to your country of residence when your visit. you’ll offer your employment or family commitments in your country of residence to assure the officers regarding your intention to come.
  • You will ought to offer proof that you simply area unit able to absolutely support yourself financially throughout the complete amount of your keep in eire. you’ll be needed to supply elaborate statement covering a six-month amount straightaway before your visa application to prove that you simply have sufficient funds in your account to hide the prices of your visit to eire.
  • In case you’re staying with family or friends in eire, you’ll submit a letter from your host that claims your full monetary responsibility. below such circumstances, your host will ought to offer necessary proof that he or she has sufficient funds to support you financially throughout your keep in eire.
  • You should have insurance cowl and supply its proof at the entry-point in eire.


Steps to follow to use for Ireland tourist Visa


If you fulfil the eligibility criteria to use for eire traveller Visa, you will be needed to follow the procedure mentioned below:


Step 1: Fill the traveller visa form


You need to fill the appliance type for eire traveller visa. the appliance type is obtainable on-line and you’ll launch it by clicking on the link computer rigorously extra service the shape and submit it on-line.


Step 2: Print the declaration


After you submit the web form, a declaration/summary will be generated. Print the declaration/summary and place your signature on that. you want to check that that you simply area unit able to print from the pc on that you’re filling the appliance type on-line.


Step 3: Gather your necessary documents and costs


After submitting your on-line application, gather all the documents needed for supporting your visa application, your passport, the specified pictures and therefore the visa application fees.


Step 4: Submit a signed outline of your on-line application


You will be needed to submit a signed outline of your form, original passport, passport-sized color photograph, the relevant application fees for the visa and every one supporting documents to the relevant Irish Embassy / diplomatic building / Visa workplace.


You will be able to get info regarding the small print of the acceptable workplace, the fee due  and therefore the technique of payment from the web site shown on the written outline of your form. Note that applications while not all relevant documents won’t be accepted.


Also bear in mind that submitting the web form is merely the primary step in your visa application method.


Your application for visa will be processed only if the web form is completed and therefore the relevant supporting documents, passport-sized photograph and acceptable fee area unit received by the relevant workplace, as indicated by the web system.


Tracking your traveller visa application


You will be able to track your visa application by contacting the embassy or consulate-general to that you had submitted it. You will ought to quote the reference variety from your application for this purpose.


Required Fees for eire traveller Visa


Visa Fees for bookkeeping Visa sort – EUR sixty (INR four,670.7) Visa Fees for Multiple Entry Visa sort – EUR one hundred (INR seven,784.51) Note:


  • Your application fee won’t be refunded if your visa application is refused.
  • The conversion into Indian currency is predicated on current conversion rates which can modification.


Applying for a re-entry eire traveller visa


If you allow eire before the completion of your visa and want to come, you would require a re-entry visa to enter eire once more. Note the subsequent things a few re-entry visa:


  • Ireland traveller visa is issued for one entry to the State.
  • In case you’ve got a legitimate reason to go away eire for a brief amount of your time before the completion of your visa, you want to apply, before of constructing any travel arrangements, for a re-entry visa.
  • Before a re-entry visa is issued, you will ought to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau.


Dos and Don’ts for eire traveller Visa Application


Remember the subsequent dos and don’ts whereas applying for eire traveller visa.



  • Fill your on-line form with correct info.
  • Keep all relevant and supporting documents prepared for verification by visa officers.
  • Keep copies of all documents submitted together with your visa application. Original documents like your birth certificates and wedding documents will be came back to you.
  • If there area unit any specific documents that you simply wish to be came back to you, you will ought to submit a listing of those documents together with your application.
  • You will keep a tab on the progress of your visa application by checking on-line at Visa selections to visualize if your visa has been processed. You would require your Visa Application variety to see the progress. This list is updated on a weekly basis.



  • Do not submit false documents in support of your application
  • Do not hide or misrepresent facts in your visa application
  • Do not purchase your travel tickets before a call being created on your visa application. If you’ve got to get tickets then book refundable tickets for your journey.
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