South Korea Study Visa Requirement, South Korea Student Visa Requirements, South Korea student visas are awarded on a points-based system. In order to meet all the South Korea visa requirements, you’ll need to know about South Korea Study Visa Requirement, South Korea Admission Requirement, South Korea Students Visa Requirement,South Korea Admission Requirements, South Korea international students Visa Requirements.

South Korea Study Visa Requirements

South Korea Student Visa Requirements

South Korea Admission Requirements

South Korea international students Visa Requirements

South Korea Admission Requirements


South Korea international students Visa Requirements,South Korea Study Visa Requirements,South Korea Student Visa Requirements

South Korea international students Visa Requirements,South Korea Study Visa Requirements,South Korea Student Visa Requirements


South Korea Admission Requirements

South Korea Admission Requirements


South Korea Study Visa Requirements






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South Korea Visa Requirements

Study visa requirements for South Korea and the documents required are the most important while filing your study visa. The mandatory documents required along with supporting documents of financial and academic records. South Korea is now the top choice for Indian students due to education provided with highly ranked universities.


South Korea is a top choice for international students, boasting one of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive education system. South Korea has a literacy rate of 97.3%, with 68% of the population having a Bachelor’s degree.


The three most sought-after universities in South Korea are “SKY” –the Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. If you want to study abroad in Korea, you need to obtain a South Korean student visa. The type of visa you need to obtain depends on the type of course or training you will undertake in Korea and to know South Korea international students Visa Requirements.


Generally, applicants who seek a degree higher than a professional school, research course or exchange students need a Student D-2 visa. For those studying the Korean language, you need a D-4 visa.

A land of culture and beauty, this is a country in East Asia, and the capital is Seoul. South Korea makes up for most of the South of the Korean peninsula region. The country’s citizens are responsible enough and the men have to serve the country’s army for some part of their life, hence creating a sense of duty for the motherland. If one is to visit this land of culture and intellect, they surely need to acquire a visa first. Now, as easy as the statement sounds, the process in itself is not so if you do not know the basics of it. And therefore to help you through it, we are here! In this guide, we explain how easy it is to get a South Korea visa for Indians if they know the basics of it.


As discussed earlier, you can surely apply by either of the online and offline processes. What is to be kept in mind is the document requirements. A standard South Korea visa is to be allotted to the individual who applied for the same. The reason for the visit can be varied but is mostly and usually for tourism. However, if you are going there for work purpose, you need to provide some kind of proof of the same. Here are some of the important steps to apply for a South Korea visa for Indians.


  • Get all the important information you need and try to know about the process before you get started.
  • Visit the official website to apply for the visa and if you are not very comfortable with the technology you can visit the centres to get your work done.
  • The most important part of the process is filling up the application form.
  • You can pay either online via your debit card or rely on the traditional offline processes. Either way, just make sure to have the proof of your payment as its a requirement in the form


1. Visa application form

2. Student visa declaration form

3. The following academic transcripts must be enclosed:

  • Class X mark sheet
  • Class XII mark sheet
  • Mark sheets of the degree course
  • Provisional/Degree certificate
  • Any other diploma or certificate or extra-curricular activity certificate

4. English proficiency certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL

5. Evidence of finances

6. Proof of Medical Insurance.

7. Proof of enrolment on the stated course.

8. Proof of previous immigration.

9. Proof of previous work experience.

10. Letter of acceptance


The letter would be acceptable only of recognized education institutes of Ireland. The letter must be for a full-time course and should be clearing mentioning that you have been accepted for the mentioned course as a full –time student.


11. Proof of your academic ability.

12. Statement of purpose (Original – Signed by the student).


English Language Requirement


As Ireland is an English country most of the courses are taught in English so English language skill are must in that regard you may require and English language test as a proof.


1. IELTS academic– minimum score of 5.0

2. TOFEL academic– minimum score 173(computer based)


South Korea Admission Requirements


Your application will only be processed when the on-line form is completed and the required documentation, passport photograph and appropriate fee are received by the relevant office as indicated by the on-line system.


Some points for you to note. When making an application you must:


  • Complete the online application form
  • Check the Irish Embassy details where your documentation is to be sent
  • Provide a passport-sized photo
  • Ensure your passport is valid for 12 months
  • Pay the application fee
  • Provide a signed letter of application which explains why you require the visa
  • A Letter of Acceptance from the Irish university, college or school, confirming you have been accepted and enrolled on a course of full-time education, involving a minimum of 15 hours organized daytime tuition each week.
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